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Evolution Robotics Mint Plus Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner 5200

What is Mint Plus Automatic Hard loor Cleaner 5200?

The Evolution Robotics Mint Plus Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner 5200 keeps your home clean from dirt, dust and pet hair. It has been designed for hard surface floors. It has a lot of features such as the Pro-Clean Reservoir Pad to make sure it cleans your floor well. The Evolution floor cleaner also charges faster with longer run time so you can clean your home without interruptions. It can clean up to 4 hours when it is fully charged. The Evolution 5200 hard floor cleaner can clean hard to reach places to keep your home clean and healthy.

3 Features to Look for in a Hard Floor Cleaner

  • Improved Features – There are different models of hard floor cleaners today. You may want to get one that has improved cleaning features to make life simpler for you. The Evolution Robotics Mint Plus Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner has been designed to make cleaning easier for people who are busy with work or for moms who have their hands full with its great features which are easy to use.
  • Good Design – When getting a cleaner, it is important to take a look at its design. It is ideal to use one that is easy to maneuver. Also, you would definitely want to get a hard floor cleaner that has a solid built to be able to use it for a long time.
  • Lightweight – It is best to get a hard floor cleaner that is lightweight as you will be moving it around your home. Many floor cleaners today have become lighter to make it more convenient for consumers. The Evolution Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner is great to use as it is light and can easily be moved as you clean.

Mint Plus Floor Cleaner Customer Reviews

There are many Floor Cleaner 5200 customer reviews naming this cleaner as one of the top rated robotic vacuums which prefer it as it is easy to use. You simply have to attach the cleaning cloth to either sweep or mop. It also features a Pro-Clean Reservoir Pad which releases liquid as it cleans. Its Pro-Clean cloth has fibers which can attract and trap dirt and oil, making a simple cleaning solution good enough for your cleaning needs.

What’s in the Box

Included in the Evolution Mint Plus 5200 are the floor cleaner, Pro-Clean Reservoir Pad, Multi-Purpose Cleaning Pad, NorthStar Navigation Cube with 2 C batteries, 2 dry sweeping microfiber cloths, 2 wet mopping microfiber cloth, power adapter, quick start guide and user manual. It has a 1 year warranty.

Additional Items to Consider When Buying Mint Plus Cleaner 5200

If you are going to buy the Mint Plus 5200, you may want to get Mint Microfiber Cloths, Pack of 3 which can be handy when using the product. Also, consider getting a Mint Plus Turbo Charging Cradle to power up your Floor Cleaner for longer periods of time so you can use it without having to charge in between.